1. New Personal Mobility (OmniRide)

(1) Outline

  • New Personal Mobility Invented by Prof. Hoshino of Faculty of Engineering
  • Financial Support – Nagano Prefecture, Cabinet Office, University internal funding
  • Fabrication – Collaboration with local industries
  • Exhibition – G7 Transport Minister Conference at Karuizawa,
    science festival for children
  • Achievements – Test Ride by over 3,000 persons,Distance travelled over 150 km

(2) Future Plan

  • Nursing care equipment – Collaboration with local small to medium enterprises
  • Personal mobility in entertainment or sight seeing facilities
Minister Dobrindt (Germany) at G7 con. in Karuizawa
Minister Dobrindt (Germany) at G7 con. in Karuizawa
Chino children festival
Chino children festival
Development of wheelchair for care
Development of wheelchair for care

2. Communication Technology (LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) Field Tests)

(1) Outline

  • Current Trend: Transmission of large volume data
    – Transmittable only for short distance
  • Present Point of View:Transmission of small volume data
    – Transmittable for long distance

(2) Present Status and Future Plan

  • Chino-Shi: Constant monitoring of climber’s position
  • City Office: Large receiver antenna
  • Climber: Small transmitter
  • Suwa University: Collaborating with City Office project
  • Field test of agricultural IoT: Monitoring environmental data
Agricultural facilities
Position detection

3. Agricultural Application of Opt-Technology

(1) Plant growth promotion by light wavelength conversion + Solar power generation

  • Photovoltaic greenhouses with semi-transparent semiconductor
  • Field test: In collaboration with Fruit Tree Cultivation Test Site (Nagano Pref.)
  • Development of a high-efficiency semi-transparent organic photovoltaics

(2) UV radiation effects on prevention of pests and diseases

Field test of UV irradiation for prevention of powdery mildew in collaboration with neighboring farmers

Growth promotion plus solar power generation test
Growth promotion plus solar power generation test
Fruit tree cultivation test site
Fruit tree cultivation test site
UV irradiation test site
UV irradiation test site

4. Application of AI Technology

(1) Promotion of AI technology in Suwa University of Science

  • Examples of AI application research in Suwa
    1. Health control by means of AI using blood flow rate
    2. Optimization of gear shape with use of AI
    3. Application of AI to Personal authentication
    4. Quality judgment of agricultural crop cultivation
  • Collaboration with local industry for use of AI

(2) Diversification of AI technology for local industry engineers

with loCollaboration cal industry
AI application research in Suwa
Lecture course for local industry engineers

5. Big Data collection and utilization of atmospheric information of a town

(in collaboration with Social Computing Laboratory, NAIST Collaborative Graduate Program in Design, Kyoto University)

(1) Outline


: Information on a town is useful in various
fields – Tourism, architecture, urban planning, real estate area.

: Collection of information on a town including
impressions and feelings is a laborious work to collect on a large scale.

(2) Present Status and Future Plan


: The street walking event “100ninmap project”
was conducted and atmosphere information on Kyoto was gathered through SNS data.


: Utilizing collected information in tourism and real estate fields

: Exploring possibilities such as town walking events in Nagano prefecture

100ninmap project
100ninmap project