Graduate School of Engineering and Management
Department of Engineering and Management

Two basic guiding principles of our university are “Education of students acting on their own initiatives,” and “Contribution to lifelong study and innovation of technology and management for local companies.”

01.Cultivating students who exhibit high leadership qualities for the 21st Century.

Our aim is not only to cultivate students acting on their own initiative, but also to cultivate their capabilities of leadership with advanced thinking, methodology and technology to pursue societal development.

02.Contributing to innovation of technology and management to aid the development of local companies and regional industries.

As a private university which strongly promotes regional relationships through industry/academia/government cooperation, we make efforts towards the innovation of technology, the development of systems in regional society and the implementation of a curriculum which educates students in the study of management. Through the education of human resources and state-of-the-art research, we are contributing to the development of various industries in this region.

Special Selection of International Students (Master’s Program)

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