Message from the President


The fourth industrial revolution is about to begin. The industrial revolution is generally said to be a change in industrial structure, due to technological innovation and economic development. If you look at the Xth Industrial Revolution historically, you will notice that the period and the interval to the next become shorter and shorter.

Primary Industrial Revolution (1700s-early 1800s),
The Second Industrial Revolution (late 1800’s-early 1900’s),
Third Industrial Revolution (late 1900s to early 2000s?),
Fourth industrial revolution (early 2000s? ~?).

Yes, it has become too short, and finally it has entered the era of “Continuous Industrial Revolution” where technological innovation appears continuously. As a result, I think that society has been changing rapidly. (And I think that there is a gap between those who can adapt to this change and those who can not.)

Why did it happen? I think the emergence of the Internet is a major factor. A state has emerged in which the intelligence of the world is connected on the Internet and then so called “collective intelligence” that stimulates each other has emerged. Under this circumstance, I think the current situation is that “group genius”, a group of people who perform genius innovation, is explosively increasing and causing innovation one after another. It leads to a time when things are changing rapidly. This university offers you an environment where you can lay the foundation for success in this changing era.

I believe that the most important job of a good teacher is no longer simply to communicate information to students. I believe that mere transfer of knowledge is not very profitable for students. I believe that the more important role of the teacher is to help students learn methods of evaluating information drawn by themselves and creating new ideas or thinking about how to use them. This is because students who are connected to the world via the Internet etc. can easily acquire knowledge.

Also, I think that the present age is the time to solve complex problems with collective intelligence. Therefore, this university offers group-learning-opportunities and you will have experience to work together to solve problems.

In a rapidly changing, uncertain society, you will be left behind if you do nothing. It is important to take on the challenge. At this university, please try various things with courage to fail. There is a lot to learn from failure, which is an intriguing experience.

Finally, I will introduce the words of Michelangelo, a genius of the Renaissance era. “The big danger for most people is not to reach the goal that is too high, but to achieve the goal that is too low.”

I hope you will enter the university with high goals and challenge in various ways.