Cultivating Rich Education and Flexible Discernment

Abilities such as acumen for anticipating the future, flexible judgment, and abundant learning create a foundation for students` practical capacity.

While specialization is valuable to a career, humanity derived from a broad background is just as valuable to society. The Center of General Education transcends the limited framework of courses and departments providing students with a more general education.

01. Stimulating Minds with an Integrated Study of Engineering and Management

Some aspects of neuroscience support integrated education. One special characteristic of our education here is how we try to apply this specialized viewpoint from the freshman year. Professor Kikunori Shinohara who has been on TV multiple times has been a leading figure in establishing the open lab concept for specialization. Here, students can undergo experiments such as measuring their own brain waves. Understanding one`s own brain and the transformation it undergoes can be a novel and rewarding experience.

02. Sharing Common Goals with People of Similar Aptitudes, Students Can Increase English Proficiency with Smaller Class Sizes

Studying English is an essential tool for anyone interested in broadening their horizons and worldview. Even those who don’t have a particular talent for languages can enjoy learning if they aim to improve their proficiency and set reasonable goals. From the smaller groupings of students with similar ability levels in the compulsory “General English” class to essay comprehension and presentation-level electives, our English courses cover it all.

03. Overcoming Passive Learning through Varied Courses

The first step in Integrated Education is the “Freshman Seminar” where students grapple with discovering their own topics in a group setting. The class of “Volunteer Theory” is a chance to stimulate their interest with hands-on instruction in a real-life setting. Proactivity in students is nurtured within classes where students have a chance to discuss and present ideas.

By acquiring knowledge and skill in their field of specialization, meaning and direction are bestowed upon students through shared learning.