Feature of Education

Synergy Education of Engineering and Management

Rather than treating the fields of engineering and management as separate we endeavor to impart an understanding of the relationships, views and knowledge of both fields. We want to produce scientists/engineers who are able to understand their relationship to the business society and specialists and to grasp the characteristics of technologies and scientific/engineering ethics. To be specific, we encourage this through functions where faculty and students from four departments Yes mixed at freshman seminars, engineering and management course, and synergetic active learning seminar, as well as associated special subjects from different faculties.

Imparting Information Literacy and a Mentality for Environmental Conservation

In order to cultivate a synthesis of knowledge, skills and ethics, studies in information literacy and environmental awareness are both included as a basis for general and specialized education. In a systematic way, students are explored to acquire issues that occur within the existent relationships of scientific technology and business practices and management.

A Thorough Educational Foundation in Specialization  

It is essential to provide students with broad yet high-level abilities, attitudes and habits that form the basis of their major. These aptitudes will serve them in the post-graduate world where one must acquire further skills and knowledge on one’s own. We start by creating a strong foundation for different fields of study, and then design curricular aimed at generating the best possible educational results for those specializations.

Developing Social Abilities and Ambitions  

Abilities such as clear communication, self-expression, problem identification and solution, and a desire for learning are enhanced and reinforced by the refining of knowledge and skill. These abilities also form the foundation of self-determined effort after graduation.

As students’ paths lead them to attend talks, seminars, experiments, and thesis research, their study tends to evolve from memorization towards a thinking type of education where they can appreciate the ‘joy of knowledge and creation’ and the ‘joy of creation’ in their own learning. We emphasize small class sizes and interactive learning in order to develop their ability to respond to the challenges and changes of the times.