The Essential Ideals

This university was established in April 2002 by the Tokyo University of Science Foundation as a university that could meet the demands of and cooperate with Nagano prefecture, the six town sites in the Suwa area and the local business community. The institutional principles are outlined as follows.

1. Cultivating Independent and Talented People

We cultivate the talents and competencies in people who seek to pioneer their own future, and give them the education necessary to respond to rapidly developing scientific technologies.

2. Contributing to the Improvement of the Region’s Lifelong Learning and Technological Managerial and Capabilities

As a regional university we aim to contribute to the local community to promote cooperation among government, industry and academia, to nurture a generation of new industries and technologies, and to encourage innovative management practices.

Educational Principles

Cultivating Sophisticated Specialist for the 21st Century

In addition to producing individuals with a high level of expertise, we aim to nurture the drive in our students to attain the knowledge, methodology, and skills needed to respond to societal changes and the challenges for tomorrow.

Educating People in Modern Social Ethics

With a firm understanding of the technology and ethical viewpoints involved in information and communication technologies and the importance of environmental conservation, we train people who are able to create solutions to the challenges of today’s information society and innovate products in the 21st century.

Implementing Education that Stresses Real Actual Skills as a Priority

Graduates from this university acquire a high level of favorable and practical skills that make them employees who are sought-after by companies and businesses.