Message from the President

hiroshi kawamura

Our university, Tokyo University of Science Suwa (TUSS), was founded in 2002 as a daughter branch of Tokyo University of Science (TUS), which is the largest science oriented university in Japan with a long history of more than 130 years. We are located on the foot of the mount Yatsugatake, whose broad beautiful view we can enjoy season to season from our campus.

Education and research of TUSS possesses three features. The first is that TUSS is a “small” university belonging to a family of a “large” one TUS. Accordingly, our education and research are conducted on a firm basis of the mother university TUS, while face to face education can be given with the advantage of its small size.

The second feature is “synergy education” of technology and management. This Suwa district is well known as a focal area of small and medium enterprise (SME) for precision manufacturing. Accordingly, our education is so designed to provide students of technology with background of management and those of management with that of technology. In addition, many SME’s in this surrounding region are expanding their activity around the world, the so called globalization. In response to this trend, we are putting more emphasis on the education of the global aspect and foreign languages, and also offering students a course of foreign internship in collaboration with local industries.

The third one is pioneering research works reflecting the high research activity of the mother university TUS. Our research covers areas directly concerned with industries in this district such as environment and renewable energy, robotics, digital media, communication technology, and business management.

We welcome students who would share and pursue dreams with us in this rich natural environment.